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Handling Complex Cases involving Physical And Emotional Abuse:
Wendy Eves represented a mother of 4 children who was also step-mother to a further one. The case was complex and linked Private and Public Law Proceedings. Additionally, there was an international aspect, as the natural mother of the step-child was in Asia, seeking the return of her child.
The step-mother has cared for this child from the age of 8 months to the age of 7 years; the child was then removed from her care when she fled Asia following serious allegations of violence and abuse. The step-mother had no parental responsibility or other legal standing in respect of the child. The father was seeking placement of the child with himself, the natural other in Asia, or other persons other than step-mother. Finding of Fact hearing was held in respect of domestic violence toward the client, and physical and emotional abuse toward all of the children. Finding were subsequently made against the father, who refused to accept them. Evidence of cultural differences was raised and considered. Additionally, there were issues regarding the visa of the natural mother and her ability to participate in Proceedings. The natural mother gave birth to another child during the course of the Proceedings and the father sought to bring the natural mother and her new-born to the UK to set up home with him and their child. An assessment was made of the child’s relationship with the step-mother, natural mother, half siblings and assessment of alternative carers. We secured placement of the child with the step-mother; restricted, strictly supervised, direct contact between the child and the father; And restricted, strictly supervised, indirect contact with the natural mother, We also secured a Supervision Order in order to assist the step-mother in the arrangements. The mother and siblings were delighted that the child remain with them on a long-term basis as a family unit; a situation they had enjoyed previously for almost 7 years.

Handling Charges Of Domestic Abuse:
Wendy Eves represented the father in a complicated Care Proceedings case where the father of 6 children was accused of extremely violent, criminal and manipulative behaviour. The father was detained in custody. This was a complex case evidentially, as the Court appointed a Special Advocate to deal with information obtained undercover. The children continued to seek contact with the father, whilst all other parties strongly opposed. We obtained an Order for separate representation of the children and ultimately a Contact Order to father. The father served his sentence; and upon release and rehabilitation, resumed care of the children.

Contesting Emergency Removal Of Children:
Wendy Eves represented 5 children in the High Court and Court of Appeal. The mothers arrived in the UK from Eastern Europe and had 3 and 2 children, respectively. There were various issues, including possible sexually inappropriate behaviour or abuse. We represented the children and contested emergency removal from the parents. On investigation, it was discovered there were unresolved allegations against the father  from over 20 years prior. Massive evidence was gathered and considered prior to a 2-week Finding of Fact , dealing with evidence from witnesses struggling to recall and deal with historical events. High Court injunctions were made between the 3 parents, whose behaviour was closely monitored throughout the Proceedings.

A huge forensic review was carried out of telephone and electronic communication evidence. Significant  expert assessment of the children was arranged, due to the complex dynamic of their family circumstances. Evidence was gathered and assessments were undertaken of family members in Europe. The parents appealed the High Court decision. We represented the children in the Court of Appeal, where some aspects were upheld and some remitted to the High Court for further consideration. Complex contact issues were dealt with throughout in order to meet the needs of the children and the unusual dynamic between two siblings groups who lived together as one family. One mother proved unable to resist the influence of the father, and we secured the successful placement for adoption of those children. The other proved more robust, and we secured ongoing contact for those children which met their specific needs.

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