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Sarah AchillesSecretary of Young Resolution Committee

Handling Cases Were Adoption Is Suggested:
Sara Achilles represented a father who had had his children removed under a Police protection order following and incident of domestic abuse with the mother at his home.  The children were made subject to an interim care order upon expiry of the Police order and placed with foster carers.  The father was convicted of assault upon the mother but it was clear that the mother, by her own admittance had been continuing to try and contact the father and was failing to co operate with professionals. Given the young age of the children the Local Authority sought initially for the children to be adopted, however, this was strongly opposed by the father, who had demonstrated insight into his behaviour and the impact upon his children.  There was a strong connection between the father and the children and contact between them had been extremely positive.  Sarah managed to challenge the long term plan of the Local Authority on the basis that there were more appropriate options for the children and was successful in having the care plan changed for the children to remain in foster care so as not to server their ties with the father as would have been the case with adoption. The father worked hard upon his release to address his past behaviour and regular and indeed increased contact was obtained for the father with the prospect of the care order being discharged in future should positive change continue.  This would not have been possible if adoption had remained the long term plan for the children.

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